How air conditioning can help asthma sufferers

November 4, 2020 4:59 am


Spring brings with it the promise of warm days, new growth and new opportunities. As the winter months fade away we can all start to plan where we are going on holiday or what nice days out we’d like. The sun shines down on the Daffodils and bluebells and the trees awaken to produce leaves ready for the summer foliage and the grass also feels the warmth and change and prepares to start growing like crazy again. However, for some 13 Million Britons the warmth and the sun and the coming of grass and tree’s awakening is not something to be too enthusiastic about.

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There are some that shy away when the grass is cut or when the BBC’s weather report has a big red H when it says Pollen Levels. Hayfever is a real and current problem that causes many to even miss work from its effects. One of the worst affected groups, and potentially the most dangerous is that of the Asthma sufferers.

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Asthma is where the bronchioles become blocked with mucus. This makes it harder to breathe and can be fatal in some cases. There is some relief for the asthma sufferer as an Air Conditioning Gloucester based firm called ACCEC can help improve the home with their filter air con system. It also means that if a high alert is on you don’t have to swelter in the heat of the home with the windows shut.