Keeping your office clean and tidy

August 13, 2020 1:58 pm


Now more than ever businesses are looking at the ways in which they keep their office space clean and tidy. With the prevalence of the virus that has swept the globe still high it is important that you think about the hygiene in your office building.

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There are some key areas that you should ensure are being cleaned on a regular daily basis.

Reception area – This space is where visitors will gather when coming to your place of work and not only will you want this to be a hygienic area but you will also want it to be tidy and organised to help make a good first impression. Focus on the surfaces in this space and you can even give your Reception Chairs a quick wipe over with antibacterial surface cleaner or wipes.

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Toilets – this is an obvious one, it is important that you clean all surfaces including the taps, light switches and door handles in the toilet spaces that you have.

Kitchen – as lots of people will use this space to make drinks and food throughout the day, you may want to implement a policy where users wipe down the area after they have finished. This way you can be sure that the kitchen surfaces are cleaned a number of times each day.

Meeting rooms – with lots of different people using meeting rooms, at present, you may want to ask your cleaner or receptionist to clean these rooms after every meeting and then to give them a thorough clean at the end of the day.