What role does a solicitor play in a house move?

September 22, 2020 3:37 pm


You might be inclined to think that once you have the mortgage offer in place from the bank that all of your issues with moving in are over. Sadly this is very far from the truth. The second stage of the mortgage is to enlist the services of a solicitor to ensure the smooth movement into the property. You can rest assured that a firm of Gloucester Solicitors like that of Gloucester Solicitors Dee and Griffin will make the whole process easy and smooth. Why do you need a solicitor to help you?

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The legal side of buying a property can be traumatic. First of all there are the results of the home report to come back. Hopefully this will not show up any issues with the structure of the building. However it can illustrate some potential covenantsĀ  that might make you think twice about making a purchase. Covenants are rules and regulations that restrict what you can do with the properties. Some might be standard such as you cannot keep livestock on the property. Whilst this may not seem too big a deal it is when there are ones that restrict your ability to build an extension or convert a garage. Others might even expect you to make a financial contribution of some kind to the upkeep of a field nearby.

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The Solicitor will need to find this out and make you aware. Finally they handle the payment of monies transferring them from the Lender to the seller. You do not get the money directly from the lender. Due to the size of the loan it has to be done this way.