Are you Considering Moving to Cambridge?

August 22, 2020 8:05 am


The beautiful city of Cambridge is probably best known for its world leading university, as well as it’s boat race team! With its many green spaces and the gorgeous river Cam running through the city, it is one of the most scenic cities to live in in the UK.

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So if you are considering upping sticks, hiring a removal company Cambridge, and moving to this lovely part of the world here is a bit of information for you to consider…

As Cambridge is not far from London, house prices are a little higher than the national average, and quite a lot higher than parts of northern England so you may want to see what you can get for your money by looking around local estate agents and online. Some of the suburbs can be a little cheaper, as living in the centre is where prices are higher, and you won’t get as large a house for your money.

As Cambridge is a university city you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to going out – with a great nightlife and a good range of pubs and restaurants to choose from which are mostly walking distance from each other in the centre of the city.

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Because Cambridge is the home of a top university, the schools also tend to be excellent, and it is a fantastic place to bring up a child. With plenty of open green spaces for picnics, and some stunning cycle routes, it is a great place to raise a young family.