How to style a t-shirt

April 26, 2021 7:17 pm


Where would we be without the humble t-shirt? So versatile, comfortable and easy to pair with just about anything. For something so readily available and cheap, how should we wear them for maximum style?


A plain t-shirt is perhaps the simplest garment on earth to wear. A solid colour will go with almost anything. Wear one on its own in summer and use one for layering during colder months – you can’t go wrong! A white t-shirt with blue or black jeans is the coolest and simplest look to pull off. Slip on a denim or bomber jacket and you’ve got instant finesse. The only rule? Go with fitted and not baggy. For Farah Menswear, check out Louis Boyd

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Printed or graphic t-shirts work on roughly the same principle and are a fun way to add a bit more depth to an outfit. A good guide is to keep it simple as you want to enhance your look and not overdo it. Printed tees are always best worn with plain jeans and not patterned trousers.

Striped tees, also known as Breton shirts are a popular choice and work well when paired with solid colours on the bottom half of the body. Always avoid clashing lines, for example, you’d never want to pair up a striped tee with pinstripe trousers! Horizontal lines are always more flattering than vertical ones on the top of the body.

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Long sleeved t-shirts are ideal for cooler days or evenings and as there is more material, the key is to go for a fitted approach so you don’t look like your wearing pyjamas!