The winters are not for everyone, but it is for me

September 7, 2020 5:25 pm


I have a confession to make. While everyone else seems to like the warm summer sun, the flowers coming out in spring and the turning of the leaves in Autumn I am more of a winter person. I’m not gloomy or sad. I just love the time of year when the nights come quicker, the food gets heartier and the days have a nip in the air. That’s not to say that I want to live in a draughty and cold house. I would be the first to give a Gloucester Double Glazing company a call when I needed to sort the windows out to keep the heat in.

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Maybe that’s what I really like about this time of year. I enjoy getting under the blanket or getting a real fire going and binge watching a box set whilst the wind and rain slew around outside. Having said that I do like to get out and trudge through the snow (if we get any!). The winter has a calmness and quiet that I like. I don’t mind a grey sky. It makes me feel strangely calm and relaxed.

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I think the real reason is that it’s when the football and rugby season is in full swing. There is something special about listening to the results come in after a long afternoon watching the rain or even attending the match itself with the floodlights on. Perhaps it’s the promise of Christmas and the New Year? Whatever it is I love the Winter.