Getting the most out of your kitchen space

June 24, 2020 3:52 pm


Cupboards can get disorganised very quickly when they aren’t properly managed. It doesn’t matter how many cupboards you have, if things are not organised, you’ll never know where to find things. It’s important to get maximum benefit of any potential space in the kitchen you have on offer, as this is a room where storage is vital.

Change up your shelfing

Can you remember the last time you reorganized your shelves? Just because you always have your shelves that way, does not mean they have to stay that way forever. You can have a lot of empty space between items. Perhaps you need a new look completely. Consider Fitted Kitchens Norwich at a site like

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Get smart with file holders

You may not think that you can use office equipment in the kitchen, but the file holder makes a useful cupboard organizer. You can use it to stack cutting boards, pans, dishes and store horizontally or vertically.

Magazine holders

Just like with a file holder, other household goods can be just as useful. A repurposed magazine holder is just the right size for bottles, especially when turned on their side.

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Utilizing the bottom of the closet

If your hanging cupboards are crowded, and you do not think anything else could possibly fit, why not consider under the cabinet? You can stick a hook on the bottom to hang cups and mugs or even a magnetic strip for a suspended spice rack, for example.