What to eat on St Patrick’s Day.

January 26, 2021 9:34 am


It is one of the most widely celebrated days in the religious calendar with whole cities turning over green for the love of their Irish ancestors. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and it is on this day that people go and get St Patricks Day Gifts to give to all their friends, even the ones that have no connection to Ireland whatsoever. Shamrock Gift St Patricks Day Gifts are some of the most perfect examples but what can you cook up for a celebration of the Saint’s day?

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Some gifts from St Patrick’s Day are almost too good to be true, so why not start with a celebratory drink as you mean to move on. There’s a bit of a kick to this drink: Jameson Irish Whisky (what else?), green Chartreuse and green mint cream, all served in a glass of cocktail.

Using spinach to tint it in such a way that it is natural green Soda bread is the perfect St Patrick’s lunch time meal. If your mates can make it to your party and you want to share this delicious bread make sure you have some Richmond’s Irish pork sausages to go in it. Okay, so green isn’t traditional, but it suits with the theme of St Patrick’s Day.

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Want something to serve with it?  Cheddar Horseradish Colcannon is the answer.  Mixed with cabbage or kale, Colcannon is mashed potato (kale will give it a darker green colour). This version has the addition of a strong Irish cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce if it matches your taste.