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A clean office is a happy office

One of the things that you should consider when it comes to your office needs and keeping the staff happy is how  clean the place is. In fact given the

Keeping your office clean and tidy

Now more than ever businesses are looking at the ways in which they keep their office space clean and tidy. With the prevalence of the virus that has swept the

What a wonderful county Gloucestershire is

Many will go on about Cornwall’s rugged beauty or Cumbria’s great lakes. Others will talk of Sussex and Kent with its South Downs and Garden of England but for me

The pros and cons of brownfield sites

An old brownfield site could be just the right location for your self-build, as long as you’re clear about what you’re heading into. Many areas of land were once used

As an Accountant, How to Help Your Tax Clients Manage Other Risks

As a successful accountant, it is important to help your clients in managing their financial risks. Though tax is a fundamental part of clients' financial scenarios, they may also need

What is Flu?

Flu is a nasty virus that can really knock you for six and leave you lying in bed for a few days. One of the best ways to avoid contracting