How massage helps your circulation

September 28, 2021 4:26 pm


Nothing beats having a good massage, especially if you have noticed that tension has started to creep in as a result of everyday stress or because you spend a large amount of time sitting at your desk. But there are some thoughts that massage could also help with your circulation, which, if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle, can only be a good thing. A Mobile Massage London company such as can help with a variety of different massage types.

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Poor circulation can occur for many reasons, there could be a medical condition that is a contribution to the poor flow of blood around the body or it could be due to body weight and lifestyle. A lack of circulation can lead to fluid pooling in parts of the body such as the hands and the feet and this can cause fluid retention in their extremities. This can be noticed in the hands, feet, wrists,ankles and even in the fingers and toes.

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Fatigue and muscle aches can also creep in when poor circulation occurs. It is thought that massage can help your circulation as the pressure that is created on the skin and the muscles during the massage can help move the blood through any areas that are blocked and congested. This then allows blood to flow more freely. Massage also helps to flush lactic acid out of the muscles which can then be carried away from the body as a waste product.