Five Ways to Lower Your Chances of Being Burgled whilst on Holiday

July 29, 2021 5:38 pm


As we all head off on our summer holidays, for most people this year there is a lot of concern around having to isolate with many covid restrictions still in place. But as well as the covid situation, holiday season also provides an opportunity for another threat – burglars.

As many people head off on their holidays this provides burglars with an empty home – so it is a good idea before you go to make sure your home security is up to scratch. Here are a few things that will help to keep your home safe…

Don’t put your holiday plans all over social media – There have been many cases of burglaries where because of this it has made the burglar aware that the house in empty, so just resist doing it!

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Put prickly plants in the garden – This will make it hard for a burglar to get into the garden, a route that they often take as there is less risk of being seen in the dark.

Add security to the front of your house too – repair any damaged fencing and you can even get someone like this electric gate company Gloucester to install some electric gates for you.

Alarms are a good thing to have as they also act as a visual deterrent – a burglar is a lot less likely to attempt a break in if they see that you house is alarmed.

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Whilst you are away get a neighbour to go into your house regularly and make it look lived in – close and open curtains, put bins out etc.