How to tell it is time for a carpet clean

October 28, 2020 2:11 pm


Are you embarrassed to have guests over? Does your carpet look worn out, dull or just plain dirty? Here are some signs that it might be time to book in the cleaners:

Not cleaned for more than a year – Can you even remember the last time your carpets were cleaned? Even the most careful of homeowners will experience spills and stains over time. Carpets also collect a lot of everyday dust. You should ideally have carpets cleaned once a year as this will maintain the life of your carpet.

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Allergies – Are you sneezing a lot more than usual? Carpet can gather large amounts of pet fur, pollen and dust, even with regular vacuuming. When you disturb these particles, they can make allergies worse. Get your carpets cleaned if your allergies seem worse. For Carpet Cleaning Hereford, visit Octokleen

Stains – Despite your best efforts to remove them, some stains just won’t disappear, such as pet accidents and ink, for example. Sometimes you need a more powerful approach like professional cleaning to get rid of stains that are ruining the look of your carpet. Tough stains can be removed effectively with professional cleaning, whereas attempting it yourself could damage the fibres.

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Tired and dull – A carpet puts up with a lot of wear and tear and you might not notice as you see it every day. However, if you move some furniture and look at the carpet underneath, you’ll see a stark difference.