Keeping your drains running smoothly

June 15, 2020 6:01 pm


When it comes to keeping your drains running smoothly there are a number of things that you can do to help prevent issues occurring with your pipes. However, most of us at some point will come across slow draining water or a bad smell from our sinks and that is time to call a Blocked Drains Bromley company like to come and sort the issue out for you.

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Here are two of the ways that you can help to keep your pipes in tip top condition.

Drain Guards – these guards are placed over your plug hole to help prevent hair and other items from travelling down the plug and clogging up the pipes. Hair that congeals together with soap and shampoo cna create a plug of its own that prevents water from flowing down the pipe. Placing these guards over the plug hole means the hair gets trapped in the guard and you can easily remove this before it becomes an issue.

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Drain cleaner – using a drain cleaner that has bacterial action will help to remove any unwanted  germs and bacteria that are lurking in your pipes. The drain cleaners can also cut through grease and grime as well as helping to dissolve any hair that has made its ways past your drain guard.