A Short History of the Men’s Wallet

September 6, 2021 3:32 pm


Wallets date back to the 1600s, having been introduced just after paper notes were put into circulation. Coins were only used before then, with purses used to carry the money.

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How Did The Wallet Get Its Name?

The origin of the word ‘wallet’ comes from the ancient Greek word kibisis. The kibisis was the magical knapsack given to Perseus, the founder of the Perseid dynasty. Now the modern man keeps not only cash but also debit and credit cards in it as well as identity documents such as a driving licence.

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Wallets During the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution saw an increasing number of Americans carrying wallets. In addition, smoking items were also placed in the wallet because smoking was such a widespread pastime back then.

What Happened When Credit Cards Were Introduced?

Credit cards came into being in the 1950s, so the shape of the wallet began to change. The money section inside the wallet was reduced, and a more generous section for credit cards was then introduced to allow for the variety of plastic that became commonplace.

Further Evolution of the Wallet

As the wallet evolved, it became more elaborate, with bi-fold and tri-fold wallets becoming popular during the latter part of the twentieth century. A male wallet was traditionally sturdier, whereas a female wallet was more elegant and the colours were often aligned to their clothing. Now the bulky bi-fold wallets have become less popular, and most men have a preference for a slim, minimalist wallet. Ideal for the discerning man, the brown Secrid wallet keeps your cash and cards secure. The brown Secrid wallet has all the compartments you’d expect in a quality wallet. It’s not just women who are moving with the fashion times too. According to https://www.standard.co.uk/insider/harry-styles-gucci-handbag-james-corden-b931317.html, Harry Styles’ handbag caught the attention of many during a recent outing.

What Is a Slim Wallet?

Super-slim wallets tend to be weatherproof but also aesthetically pleasing with quality leather. Gone are bulky wallets and even bulkier pockets, and now in vogue are trendy carriers. Some wallets even provide security functions with blocking technology, allowing you to transport your contactless cards in a safe and secure way.