What Do Occupational Therapists Do?

May 5, 2021 5:25 am


Occupational therapists are uniquely qualified to help patients address both their physical and mental needs, and their emotional and behavioural ones as well. If you have ever experienced a moment of relative helplessness as a result of a physical ailment, you already know how wonderful it feels to be in control again.

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Occupational therapy offers treatment through a range of methods that utilize both technology and manual techniques to aid individuals with various physical impairments, neuromuscular issues, and related learning disorders. If an individual is experiencing motor difficulties resulting from some type of injury or ailment such as arthritis, for example, occupational therapists will use controlled manipulation techniques to restore motion to a range of motion that was previously impaired. For someone suffering from a sensory processing disorder, or a number of different sensory impairments, the goal will be to teach an individual how to cope with those factors through targeted training exercises. Many patients with sensory processing disorders also need multidimensional treatment including education and skills training. For more information on Occupational Health Wales, visit Insight Workplace Health

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The most common tools used in the field of occupational therapy include physical therapy equipment such as power lifting devices, scissor lifts and balance boards, and orthopedic devices and supports. Therapists also use diagnostic imaging techniques to ensure the proper diagnosis of the condition of a patient and devise treatment plans to address the underlying cause of the illness. In order to become an OT, a person must undergo a specified number of training courses that focus on different aspects of OT.