A little Box of Hope, not just for Christmas!

July 28, 2020 4:02 pm


The Emergency Care Package project aptly entitled “Box of Hope” aims to Transform Lives for the Good of the community. TLG is not just the name behind the scheme but the ethos of the whole idea.  If you have time and energy to spare and are passionate about helping less fortunate, vulnerable families in your area then why not think about joining this incredible relief effort?

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The simple idea behind this amazing, generous project is for Churches to partner with their local residents and deliver boxes of food to any family that is struggling to feed themselves and their children.  Alongside possibly a Care Home in Leicester, a Care Home Taunton or a Care Home in Cardiff, kind and generous individuals are banding together to make up and send out these little boxes of Hope. What to look for in a care home in Taunton or Cardiff or Leicester is that desire to encourage their Residents to be thoughtful and giving and to care about others.

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Since the Corona Virus Pandemic hit our Country, local Churches in partnership with the TLG have made up and delivered over 92,000 meals for needy families. Offering not only essential food parcels but a vital relationship bond and support network for any family who receives a “Little Box of Hope”. Families previously struggling to manage on Universal Credit having been Furloughed or even made redundant, parents going hungry so that their children can eat at least one healthy meal a day, these are the families TLG is helping.