Add some ‘wow’ factor to your bedroom

June 30, 2020 5:57 am


Want to wake up your sleepy old bedroom scheme with some fresh bold colours? Here is some inspiration for some colourful ideas. There are bright block colours, quiet tones, calming hues and warm, romantic shades.

Specifying a colour palette for your bedroom is important because it reflects how you want your own personal space to make you feel. This may reflect a love of colour, a new trend you want to try out, or lifting the spirit with soothing white and neutral tones.

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  1. Add your tone

Choose pink paint as the base colour to make your space feel like luxury. Painting cabinets, cupboards or fire surrounds in the same shade will make them blend in, while headrests in a contrasting colour make a style statement. A mix of plain and patterned linens gives the bed a fashionable look too. Don’t forget to include the right tones in your wardrobes too. For Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes, visit a site like

  1. Keep it simple with colourful accessories

Simple does not have to mean boring. To keep a peaceful bedroom, consider white walls and natural wood floors, decorated with green and an injection of luscious floral prints. A neutral base also means you can mix things up with a number of different textiles and you can do the same thing with the bed linen as well, depending on the season.

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  1. Go for gold and metals

Let the Midas touch take over with gold accessories, fabrics and wallpaper. Give the decadent feel of a classic metal scheme with a dressing table in an Art Deco theme, intelligently paired with contemporary mirrors for the same end result. Makes a wonderful contrast with red and bright pink, perhaps with seating and accessories.