Making sure your lawn stays in the green over summer.

June 30, 2020 2:58 pm


Whilst grass is a very tough plant it can still suffer and feel the effects of harsh weather In the Summertime this threat usually comes from a lack of water via a heatwave or even a mini drought. What can you do to keep it going under these circumstances? One thing you can do is make sure that you mower is up to the job. Getting some Briggs And Stratton Parts so that it’s up to date and performing to its full capacity is a good start.  A visit to will soon sort that out.

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Take advantage of the lack of a hosepipe band before it is put in place. A sprinkler system on for 10 minutes will be enough to keep the ground soaked enough. If you let the grass become dehydrated it gets patches allowing for weeds to come through. As soon as you see any type of weed, like thistles and dandelions for example, you should remove them immediately.

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With regard to mowing, it is best to use the highest setting that you can get on the mower onto. Cutting the lawn too low will make the grass become brittle and it will take it some time for it to make a comeback.