Do you know how your drains work?

December 10, 2020 12:13 pm


Most of us don’t really think about how our drainage systems work until we have to call in a Drainage Cleaning company such as to come and help us with an issue with our drains. But it is important for us to understand how these systems work so we can quickly identify where problems and issues may occur.

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The plumbing systems are basically made up of three main components, which are the water supply system, appliances and fixtures inside the home and then the drainage system. From the main water source that runs along all of the houses in your area and linked to the direct supply of the central water company, clean fresh water is directed into your home. This water will be used for drinks, showers and baths, as well as for our heating systems and toilets. The water is directed to the hot water heater in two ways and then to those directly running on cold water, such as the toilets.

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Waste water leaving each of the fixture appliances travelling through a u-shaped pipe at the back of the fixture appliance, these waste water pipes then act through gravity dragging the waste away from your home and down to the external pipes that then pass outside the street and link together to form part of your area’s wider drainage network.