Reasons for home buyers to get a Survey

December 11, 2020 10:53 am


A Home Buyers Survey can cost a few hundred pounds but the prices vary between surveyors. The size of the property being surveyed also has an effect on the prices. All new home buyers should have a survey conducted in order to detect any possible problems or defects the property may have. Any visible issues that are detected are identified and highlighted in the report written by the surveyor. This report is then used by the possible home buyer to decide whether to go ahead with the purchasing of the property.

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Surveys are incredibly beneficial, but they are not a guarantee that no work needs to be done on the property. Non-visible issues may still present themselves. These issues could include the efficiency and safety of the heating, plumbing, electrical, gas and drainage installations. The condition of chimneys and boilers are also not inspected in the surveys. Surveys are a good investment as a property is usually the biggest purchase people make. Some negative survey results do not discourage people from purchasing properties, this may be due to the buyers wanting to work on a project and having the time and funds necessary. Renovations are often undertaken by many contractors and can take months or even years. The costs of renovation are usually higher than early predictions indicate.

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