How to Look After your Ride on Lawnmower

November 4, 2020 4:58 am


If you have a large garden, having a ride on lawn mower is one of the best ways to care for it well, as well as being able to save you a lot of time. But as with any machinery, to be kept in good working order a ride on lawnmower must be well maintained.

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You should regularly check your lawnmower to keep an eye out for any potential faults. If you do notice that any parts of the mower need replacing, find a company such as Briggs bits which specialises in Briggs and Stratton parts so that your mower can be repaired.


Something else that you should do regularly is clean your mower. As a mower goes across outdoor terrain, it can encounter all sorts of debris. Giving it a good clean not only keeps it looking its best but also keeps it performing well. Lift up the hood and look under the deck to clear out any bits that have got in there – you can brush out all of the loose sticks and leaves.

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Some parts should regularly be replaced to keep it in good nick. the air filter is one of these, it should be changed annually. It should also be regularly oiled on the moving parts to limit wear and tear, and like a car, the oil in the mower should be regularly checked and changed if necessary.