How to measure your space for curtains

November 7, 2020 12:26 pm


It’s a rather disappointing fact that when builders are putting in the bricks and mortar and leaving space for a window or four they do not consider the issues that the people moving in are going to have with the curtains. It is unlikely that as Dave and Stefan are busy with the bricks their conversations will not turn away from how well Spurs and Legia Warsaw did in the Europa League last night to how the position of the windows, and the measurements in general, are going to be a right handful. Perhaps they should point this out to someone? Best to just get on with it.


Help is at hand! Here are a few pointers on what to do.

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  1. Get the tracking pole or curtain rail in first. Drilling into walls is a tricky job, many modern constructions contain metal or thick concrete lintels for strength. Once you’ve got that up (and filled in the holes of the  abortive attempts) then you can start to measure up.
  2. Never use a fabric tape. They bow and bend and do not give a straight reading. Invest in a decent tape measure and then always put it back where it is supposed to go so you’re not looking for it.

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  1. Write all of the measurements down on something.
  2. The first measure is the dimensions of the window itself. That way we know what we need to cover.
  3. Now measure the overhang to the sides outside the window. Eight inches is a good standard.
  4. Make this is the same as the length of the rail or pole.
  5. Now measure for curtain drop. This is taken from the rail or pole down to the edge of the window, halfway between the floor and window edge or to the floor itself depending on what length you want.
  6. Next, pray that  this excellent Tewkesbury Curtains based company do some in the exact size so you don’t have to make alterations.