Which Breed of Dog is Best for Family Life?

November 5, 2020 1:13 pm


Adding a dog to your home is a huge decision and not one to be made lightly. When you have a family it is important to research which dogs would suit you best as there is a lot of difference between dog breeds and there are some that fit better into family life than others.


You have probably looked into which food is best, Iwoof designer dog collars and puppy training classes – but one of the most important things to also research is what breed will suit you best. Here are a few of the top family dog breeds in the UK and why…


Labrador – This has been one of the most popular breeds with families for years, and with good reason. These gentle giants are great with kids and easy to train, which makes them a perfect fit for a family home.

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Poodle – These gorgeous dogs are incredibly intelligent and very even tempered. Calm and easy to train, these beautiful curly coated dogs will easily slot into family life, and their coats do not shed as much as many other dogs meaning not as much extra hoovering!

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Boxer – These dogs have fantastic fun personalities and are so much like a child it is easy to see why they get on with them! The perfect dog for a family who is always on the go, they adore long walks, and are friendly easy going and patient.