The Urgent Need to Fight Climate Change

July 1, 2021 4:38 pm


We have all seen the disaster movies where extreme natural events lead to the apocalypse – but sadly these events are not in the realms of science fiction. Global warming is a very real threat to the planet, and if we are not careful, the scenes of destruction will not be works of fiction.


Scientists are understandably worried by the alarming changes to the natural world caused by human activity – many say that by the middle of the decade, the world as we know it could have changed significantly for the worse.

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Some of the alarming things that will happen if we carry on at the rate we are going include lethal heat waves – these are not only dangerous to humans, but they also destroy crops and make the area inhabitable for the native species of plants and animals that live there. This will then lead to widespread famine and ‘climate change refugees’ who will seek other places to live as their land can no longer provide them with food or water.


We have already seen many devastating clues of what the future may have in store for us – at the beginning of 2020 bushfires rages throughout Australia, leading to death and destruction on a huge scale.


To put a stop to these man-made climate catastrophes it is urgent that we heed these warnings and act straight away – learning ways of living more sustainably is important – using renewable energy and electric vehicles are good changes we can make.

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Businesses too must make changes to fight against climate change – using a commercial recycling service like Printwaste and encouraging employees to travel by bike to work are two great ways that businesses can make a difference.