Shocking Facts About Electricity

June 15, 2022 7:27 am


If you’ve ever wondered how electricity works, this article is for you. It’ll educate you about the incredible power of electricity. This form of energy travels at nearly the speed of light and is the source of much of our daily life.

Did you know that electricity can be produced by burning coal? Coal is the world’s largest source of electricity. It’s used to heat furnaces. The heat from burning coal generates steam. This steam turns a turbine or generator that produces electricity. William Gilbert first discovered electricity in around 1600 and coined the word. Interestingly, the first successful electric car was produced in 1891 by an American inventor, William Morrison.

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If you don’t believe this, consider this: an average homemaker knows little about electricity. They have no idea where electricity comes from, how it works, and why it is dangerous if misused. In fact, electricity is one of the most commonly used forms of energy in the world. If you need to replace electrical appliances in your home, consider updating your Electric Meter box and visit a site like

Thomas Edison invented many modern electrical devices and came up with more than 1000 inventions. One of his most famous inventions, the phonograph, was invented in 1877 and was used in homes all over the United States until 1923. While the phonograph might have been Edison’s greatest achievement, his most important invention came in 1879, when he invented the electric company. Edison adapted an old electrical circuit that sends electricity to the customer. This system then sends the electricity back through another wire.

Electric eels, which are actually a type of fish, can give people a dangerous shock. Their electric charges can reach 600 volts. While the intention is to stun their prey and deter predators, this electric eel can actually kill humans if they touch them.

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Electrical energy is incredibly important. The heart functions with electricity flowing through it, and electrocardiogram machines measure the amount of electricity passing through the heart. When a heartbeat occurs, the electrical current produces a line of spikes, or an electrocardiogram. Another surprising fact about electricity is that plugged-in appliances continue to use electricity, even if they are turned off. Desktop computers, for example, use about twenty watts while idle, while a Sony PlayStation consumes nearly 200 watts. To save money, always turn appliances off at the wall and try not to leave on standby.