Make Sure your Vegan Diet Contains all the Vitamins Your Body Needs

October 19, 2020 4:00 pm


If you are considering following a vegan diet, you will probably be aware that there are lots of vitamins that you will need to ensure that you get from other food sources, rather than meat and dairy products.


A vegan diet can be followed by anyone – there are even vegan bodybuilding recipes such as this but it is important that before you embark on it that you are aware of the foods that you should include to make sure you still get all of the vitamins that your body requires to function healthily – so what will you need to look out for to replace those? Here are a few ideas…

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Vitamin D – This is essential for healthy bones and muscles. Some good ways to get it into your body are:

Exposure to Sunlight – On a sunny day getting out and about in the sun is a great way to also get some vitamin D into your body.

Vegan Friendly Spreads – These often have added vitamin D so look out for them when you are shopping.

Iron – This is needed for healthy blood cells. Here are some vegan friendly iron rich foods:


Some green vegetables – Spinach and Broccoli

Wholemeal Bread

Some dried fruits are rich in Iron – Prunes, Figs and Apricots are some

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Vitamin B12 – Essential for both healthy blood and a healthy nervous system. Mostly this is found in animal products so it is a good idea to buy B12 supplements, but it can also be found in foods fortified with this including:


Some Breakfast Cereals