Why Emergency Vehicles Must Be Distinct

July 27, 2021 5:20 am


There are important reasons why emergency vehicles should be conspicuous on the roads. In fact, I could go on about all of the ways in which these types of vehicles can help us and save lives but you probably already know many of the reasons why this is important to you and the public. For safety, other road users need to immediately be able to identify an emergency vehicle.

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Of course, it is simply a matter of common sense. In order to protect themselves as well as others, it is absolutely essential for police vehicles and other emergency vehicles to be easily identifiable. It also helps to make them instantly recognisable for people who may need assistance quickly and can approach the vehicle for help. Standard livery and reflective chevrons help make these emergency vehicles instantly visible. Find out more about Chapter 8 markings at a site such as PVL UK

Driving an emergency vehicle comes with huge responsibility. Drivers need to have excellent driving skills, be able to remain calm but focused and have the ability to make split second decisions that keep themselves, their passengers and other road users safe from harm.

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Having distinct markings and bright, reflective chevrons helps other drivers to see them clearly in all conditions and give them time to safely move out of the way