The pros and cons of brownfield sites

August 3, 2020 6:11 pm


An old brownfield site could be just the right location for your self-build, as long as you’re clear about what you’re heading into.

Many areas of land were once used for industry in this country and there is also a shortage of space and houses for people. To be brownfield land back into use is extremely helpful.

As the sites are often found in urban zones, it is perfect for housing, so that planners are open to receiving redevelopment proposals for such sites.

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Challenges of Brownfield Sites

Those looking for land, such as self-builders are often keen to find small brownfield sites. There are several challenges though:

Developers are wary of brownfield sites as they are trickier to build on

Builders find them risky as you can never be sure what you will find in the soil, for example. For more information on a Land Remediation Company who can help, visit a site like

Many urban brownfield sites are a logistical nightmare with builders having to consider heavy goods vehicles squeezing through the crowded streets to get to the site and having access issues.

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While planners may look favourably on brownfield development in principle, there are a lot of details to satisfy regarding complex planning, and objections from neighbours.

Potential development

When assessing the potential development of brownfield sites, the unknown tends to far outweigh the known. However, when the clean-up has been done and any planning issues are sorted, the development of brownfield site will resemble any other building plot. However, there are many hurdles to be cleared before you reach that stage.