What a wonderful county Gloucestershire is

August 12, 2020 3:43 pm


Many will go on about Cornwall’s rugged beauty or Cumbria’s great lakes. Others will talk of Sussex and Kent with its South Downs and Garden of England but for me it’s the original Green and Pleasant land that stands out. With its rolling hill’s, dense woods, prehistoric oddities and picturesque towns and villages Gloucestershire is plainly the best. Don’t take my word for it just ask the residents with Beautiful park homes in Gloucester who will tell you. Park Homes Gloucester are more than willing to let you have a look and see.

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Why is Gloucestershire the best? Quite simply it’s landscape. It has the whole of the Forest Dean and Cotswlds in it, both areas of outstanding natural beauty. There are walks and wandering a plenty. It has the Wye Valley in it for canoeing and mountaineering. It has the Cotswold way from Bath to Chipping Campden. There are numerous National Trusts sites like the big house of Dyrham Park, the strange collection at Snowshill Manor or one of the last few examples of Roman glory at Chedworth.

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It’s villages, made of Cotswold stone, are a sight to see in the Dawn of the Dusk. The sunlight, which is very lazy in Gloucestershire, hits the stone buildings and gives them a warm honey coloured glow.

There are even examples of round and long barrows. The remains of the people who also lived and loved this land.