As an Accountant, How to Help Your Tax Clients Manage Other Risks

August 3, 2020 6:09 pm


As a successful accountant, it is important to help your clients in managing their financial risks. Though tax is a fundamental part of clients’ financial scenarios, they may also need help in some other crucial areas. The clients are mostly not aware that dealing with risks can change their financial picture significantly. There is a great link between financial welfare and better risk management.

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Let’s discuss an example of how you can help your client in managing risks. One of the most significant financial losses for a client is income loss, either through death or due to unforeseen disability. You can advise your client to obtain insurance to successfully cope with these issues. If a client faces disability, they can avail of the much-needed financial assistance if they were insured. For help from Accountants Swindon, visit a site like

You can also assist in one more intersection of risk solutions in the form of a client’s insurable interest. Several tax forms provide much-needed information to the underwriters. For life insurance underwriting, particularly in the case of the small business holder, their income is very much determined by their tax return. Property insurance arrangements also depend on the tax return.

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It is always the priority of the clients to reduce the tax they pay to a minimum level allowed by the laws. Simultaneously, informing your client is important that the amount of the income reported on the relevant form is the main factor in deciding the amount of insurance a client can avail.