Mobile phones and driving

January 19, 2022 5:28 am


Mobile phones are a part of our everyday life and they help us to keep in touch with people throughout the day. It is important that they are used responsibly and new laws coming into force in 2022 will amend what is allowed whilst driving.

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Around 17 people were killed as a direct result of a driver being distracted by their mobile phone and 114 were seriously injured. This doesn’t include the total number of accidents that were caused as a result of mobile phone use and driving, which is much higher. Driving is an activity that needs to have your full attention and using a mobile phone takes your attention away from the road.

There are ways that you can link your mobile phone to your car so you can use handfress technology to take calls. If you aren’t sure whether your phoen or car has this capability it is worth talking to the Vodafone Carrickmacross company where you got your phone from.

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Currently drivers are not allowed to make a phone call or send text messages whilst driving their car, unless they are using a hands free connection through their stereo system. At the beginning of 2022 these laws will be strengthened to include banning the use of hand held phones for taking photos and videos, playing games and scrolling through playlists. The fixed penalty fine for this will be £200.

Devices can still be used as hands free systems through stereo systems and as long as the mobile phone is held in a cradle.