Three Ways to Roll Back the Years

September 7, 2021 1:03 pm


If you feel like lockdown and all the stress surrounding it has aged you somewhat, it’s time to roll back the years – here are some of the best ways to refresh your appearance and take years off!

Get a new hairstyle – Many people find that the hairstyle they had ten years ago doesn’t work so well for them now. Hair can change as we age, as can the effect that a style has on the face. Getting a cut with more structure and shape can help to make the face look younger as it doesn’t drag it down so much. Also, speak to a professional colourist about ways you can brighten up your colour to compliment your face.

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Think about Teeth – One of the things we associate with a young and healthy person is a good set of teeth – if your have seen better days look into cosmetic dentistry to fill in gaps or straighten the teeth, or simply make them whiter and brighter with the help of someone like this Mobile Teeth Whitening Fareham based company

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Improve your Health on the Inside – A lot of people will tell you that looking good on the outside comes from being healthy on the inside – and it’s true! Drink plenty of water as this helps to improve the appearance of the skin, and make sure that you get plenty of vitamin packed fruits and vegetables into your diet. This will keep you looking and feeling your best.