Different types of housing in the UK today.

April 29, 2020 4:04 pm


Britain boasts a huge array of domestic housing. Much of the old style is still in evidence and in use today despite the move to more modern materials. Whilst in most cases good old red brick is still the most preferred option there are some other weird, wonderful but also extremely practical housing examples where people choose to live. Here are some examples, whatever the property, if you are going to rent it you will need Home inspection report software before you proceed.

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Red brick –  the humble brick is the mainstay of most of the UK’s modern housing. Solid and easy to produce the brick house is a very common sight on most UK streets.

Breeze Block and rendering – A new and more common feature of buildings in the UK is the Ash and concrete breezeblock. This has the benefit of not having to use so many in construction. They are not as aesthetically appealing as brick and are usually painted or covered in render.

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Wood – Not as common as it once was, the expense and scarcity of decent materials has made it quite costly. Much of the more modern work comes from imported sources that repel rainwater better than autochthonous varieties.

Concrete – Once thought the saviour of modern housing concrete and prefab sheets were found to not have the longevity required. However modern techniques could well see it come back.