The one where Ralph joins Friends.

August 23, 2021 2:56 pm


Friends remains one of the biggest television shows ever made. It still has power and draw. You can imagine then how much weight it had in its heyday. Advertising space in between it’s breaks were  like goldust and if you could get yourself or your product in it then you were made. The subject of Rachel’s attempt to climb up the slippery corporate ladder of the highly competitive fashion industry saw her get into a few issues when she was employed by Ralph Lauren.

Rachel is trying to make a good impression on her boss. In her usual fit of desperation she makes it known that she has had an affair with Ralph Lauren himself. Clad in Ralph Lauren Menswear, like that available from EJ Menswear, who could blame her. Her boss is unmoved and unbelieving until the man himself steps into the lift they are both in.

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It’s one of two scenes that Ralph appears in and he acquitted himself well. He delivers his line “Hey Kim,” (Rachel gets nothing) with aplomb and then proceeds to stare into the camera, trying not to laugh, whilst Jennifer Aniston and Joanna Gleason look massively uncomfortable in the background. Maybe he was displeased with the performance of Ralph Lauren Menswear or something. Either way if you go to EJ Menswear you can help boost sales a bit.

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Ralph repeats his triumphant lift scene a second time with another chance encounter with the two women. The first time Kim says “You can cut the sexual tension with a knife!” When the experience is repeated a second time she says “I’m sorry he dumped you”.