What your brand colours say about you

May 27, 2020 5:02 pm


When it comes to choosing the colours in your business branding it can be tempting to go with colours that you like but there is a whole psychology behind the colours that you choose and the emotions and feelings that they can evoke in others. A Brand Design Agency can help you in deciding what colours will reflect your business offering the best. Really Helpful Marketing are a brand design agency in Gloucestershire that can help you with this and other elements of your business branding.

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Here are some colours and the feelings they can evoke.

Red – this is a powerful colour and can give the feelings of passion and drive but they can also cause feelings of aggression and hostility so this colour should be used carefully and is often used in businesses that relate to the heart.

Blue – a colour of tranquility and calm, blue is also the colour associated with intellect. You often find academics and those in financial positions adopting this colour for their branding. It is a soothing colour and also helps with productivity and concentration.

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Yellow – the social colour that helps to lift people’s mood, is often used in businesses relating to education, food and childcare as well as those in some therapy based industries.

Purple – a colour of spirituality and higher awareness that is used by many in holistic health and therapy work. It creates feelings of intimacy and sensitivity.