When coal was the King.

June 25, 2020 1:17 pm


As the industrial revolution began the demand for the fuel to power it entered heights never seen before. This was Coal. The black gold as it was known was found in the ground and soon places that had never been even considered before were suddenly placed on the map. South Wales and the Rhymney Valley, the East Midlands and the North East and West all found a new influx of work and wealth. If the revolution was to survive and thrive it would need this fuel to power it on.

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From the 1800’s onwards everything in terms of heat and power was driven by coal. How you cooked your food and how you heated your home all depended on the supply of coal. In our modern world we have switched to using natural gas boilers. Boilers are not cheap and if you need a new one a Boiler Finance Evesham based company like the one in the link can help.

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Mining was the only way that the coal could be won. It was a dangerous profession, the ideals of health and safety were non-existent. But, it did give the miners some clout as they could withdraw their labour and try to get better pay and conditions. This rarely, if ever, worked