How much of your home has pipes in it?

May 11, 2020 7:15 pm


Your home would not work as well as it does without pipes. Pipes are vital to it working as a unit for you and your family, as such they need to be protected and Pipe protectors from are the perfect way to ensure that that happens.

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Think about what you actually have coming into your home. There are two main elements that are channelled via pipes and they are totally essential to the comforts and running of the home. The first is that of water. This is then ferried around the home via even more pipes. Imagine if your toilets did not flush or the taps didn’t flow and you couldn’t make a nice cup of tea. In some places in the world they have to walk miles to a well to get a drink.

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The second is that of Gas, although this is not always the case as many of us use electricity. Unlike water the pipes required for gas are not as numerous. It’s still an incredibly important pipe to protect as this is where your cooking comes from in terms of a hob unit or even the oven itself. It also has to be clear to allow the flow of gas into the boiler to heat the home and move the hot water around the radiators. Extremely important kit.