Modern Kitchen Flooring. A set of choices

May 11, 2020 7:13 pm


In the days of yore the good old flag stone was the kitchen floor of choice. This transcended into the clay tile and it;s a style that has remained popular even into today. We do like a bit of tile on the floor of our kitchens but what modern designs are there to choose from?

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  1. Marble Tiles. These are the classics. Hard wearing and always beautiful the Marble tile is one of the most popular choices, and rightly so. If it was good enough for the Romans and Greeks then it should be good enough for a semi detached in Rickmansworth.
  2. Morrocan. The North of Africa is particularly hot so the Morrocan people wisely chose tiles to keep their homes nice and cool (although they are very partial to a nice rug). As a result these tiles make a stylish addition.
  3. Patterned tiles. One thing to consider is if you do go for a pattern try not to make it too busy in a small kitchen.

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  1. Do you want to have an anti slip tile? If you have children of pets then this might be an option. We’ve all seen the “funny” videos of dogs coming in from the garden, the paws are unable to get a grip on the tiles and the poor pet goes flying into a cupboard.