The working components of a forklift truck

June 1, 2020 5:08 pm


What are the essential parts of a forklift? The Forklift is an essential part of the warehouse machinery. Without it the amount of goods and material that can be moved and sorted is greatly reduced or the time taken to store it is massively increased. The forklift is needed to lift and manage pallets. It can then be transferred onto some pallet racking provided by Racking And Shelving Ireland based specialists

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The first and most vital part of the forklift is the Frame for the truck. This rigidity protects the driver and acts as the central structure for the machine. All specific parts of the fork lift are attached to it.

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The Counterweight is placed at the rear of the forklift on top of,  or adjacent to the engine and battery. Without this counterweight the truck will topple forward. The balance between what is lifted and what is at the rear must be strictly adhered to by the user. The engine can be diesel but for the most part the engine is electric as the majority of work is conducted in warehouses so there can be no fumes.

The carriage is the part that is raised up and down. It moves up the mast via hydraulic pressure. At the front are the prongs used to lift the pallet/items.