Why you need to have some downlight covers added.

June 1, 2020 5:21 pm


One of the best ways to light up the home is the use of unobtrusive pot lights. Many of these options use LED lights which are excellent light providers and also relatively low energy. They do, however, give of a significant amount of heat and this can be harvested to warm the home rather than let it escape. There are some great examples of Downlight Covers at this link. What other benefit factors do the downlight covers offer?

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  1. As they reduce the loss of heat they also aid existing heating systems.
  2. The chances of a fire are greatly reduced as the heat cannot reach another fuel source. A specific example is that of Christmas decorations.
  3. The cover will stop any draughts that may have occurred during installation.
  4. There is no ongoing cost. Once it’s fitted, it’s fitted.
  5. You can fit a downlight cover yourself quite easily.

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  1. A Downlight cover deadens noise.
  2. Insects are quite clever at getting into light fittings. Downlight covers are extremely effective at keeping them out so that you aren’t having to get into the fittings to clean them.

So, as you can see, having these downlight covers means that you can have plenty of these innovative lighting solutions set up in your home.