What ‘feel’ do you want for your wedding?

October 24, 2020 7:18 am


When it’s time to organise the big day, you want to choose a theme and feel for your day that will be remembered for the rest of your life. It should reflect your personality and be meaningful to you both. So, which theme to choose?


A modern theme means clean lines and a minimal aesthetic. The perfect venue to stage this kind of affair is an elegant setting with a large, uncluttered backdrop. Places like art galleries, warehouses and minimalist restaurants are a good choice.


The classic wedding needs a traditional backdrop and this is somewhere perhaps with a long history and sophisticated vibe. Venue ideas for a traditional event could include churches, country clubs or beautiful stately homes. For more information on Wedding Venues Northampton, visit a site like Kelmarsh

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For couples looking for a back-to-basics, homely wedding day, the rustic wedding ticks all the boxes. This event can take place indoors or out and leaves plenty of scope for imagination in terms of decoration. An example venue would be a barn or farm.


For a romantic themed wedding day, think fairy lights and flowers to create a fairy-tale experience. A castle or ballroom makes the ideal venue choice for chandeliers and prince charming. Imagine petals on the tables, love hearts adorning the walls and the perfect princess wedding dress.

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Increasingly, couples are choosing unusual venues and natural falls under this category. Getting wed outdoors is growing in popularity and includes beaches, ocean views, forest ceremonies and beautiful gardens.