Where to visit in the Eton area

September 24, 2020 9:53 am


Most people have heard of Eton, even if it is just in relation to the private school that is located in the area. It has been the educational base for many members of government as well as members of the royal family.

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a night or weekend away, Eton is a wonderful choice with a number of places around for you to visit. So when you have booked your Hotel Eton way such as https://thechristopher.co.uk/ take a look at some of the places below that you might like to add to your list.

Eton College – This historic public school was set up to educate the poor of the town. Now it takes in only the very wealthiest children. It’s old boys include Princes and former Prime Ministers in it’s ranks.

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Eton College Natural History Museum – Called a hidden gem, the Museum is part of the College but is visited by many school groups and tourists alike. It’s original purpose was to house the collection of British Birds but it soon had to expand to other species following more collecting and donations.

The Brocas – Affording fantastic views of the stunning Windsor Castle the Brocas is a wide bank set next to the river. It is not uncommon to see boats moored up in the Thames and it offers a great spot for a picnic or a bit of Kite flying.

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Museum of Eton Life – If you’ve ever wondered what it would be, or have been like to attend Eton College then this is the palace for you. Over 600 years of college life is interpreted for the casual visitor and the prospective student wanting to find out more.