Some real daredevils are getting out of a situation

September 25, 2020 3:50 pm


We have all been thrilled by the spectacle of the escapologist. Bound in irons and secured in a wooden box or a sack they are either slowly lowered into a river or pool of water with only minutes to escape a watery doom. For the most part they always do as things are very meticulously planned out so that the disaster does not happen. If they’d been incarcerated in a device from Locksmith Dublin based company it would be a very different story. Who are the greatest escapologists?

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  1. Harry Houdini. Still well known even after his death in 1926 Houdini remains the greatest. The Milk Can escape and Chinese Water torture cabinet saw him set the standard for the art. It seemed that no padlock could hold him. Burying him alive did not make a difference either.
  2. Dorothy Dietrich. Not as well known as Houdini but called the female version of the great one, Dietrich is the only female performer to catch a bullet in her mouth. She was also one great exponent of escaping from a sack held by a burning rope.

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  1. Dean Gunnarson. A Canadian escapologist with a flare for the extremely dangerous. Gunnarson is very much a large-scale performer. His most famous being handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car that was lowered into a crusher.
  2. David Blaine. Whilst more of a street magician to start with Blaine has proved himself with several high profile escapes and endurance tests. The two most notable are the 63 days in block of ice and fourty four days in a plastic box above the Thames (where some people drove golf balls at him).