The Crown is proving to be very popular

September 28, 2020 3:41 pm


One of the most interesting new series to come out on television over the last few years has to be the Crown. This is the partly fictionalised tale of the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second. To add spice to the program she is still the current monarch. Starting with her Father King George the Sixth’s reign we see the young Princess marry her cousin and chosen spouse Philip shortly after victory in the Second World War. Georges health is failing, he was a prolific smoker, and  whilst on Honeymoon the Princess gets the call to say that he has died and she is Queen. So begins the longest reign of any previous Monarch, and it’s still ongoing.

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Getting a clear picture on your Television is vital to view any program and this where a TV Aerial Installation Swansea based company comes in to help you. This is such a beautifully shot and staged production that you have to have full clarity to appreciate it. The makers have truly captured the time. They have managed through costume and CGI to recreate the 1950’s and 1960’s in perfect detail.

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The cast is also stellar and has one many awards for their performances. Claire Foy plays the young Queen Elizabeth, desperately trying to manage the sense of duty that she holds and the desires that she had for her own life, mainly around the husbandry of Horses. Matt Smith is Prince Philip. The Mountbatten who sees a chance to further his family and to gain some status. He too is torn between wanting more out of life and yet staying true to his wife.